Friday, June 3, 2011

Spinning "Wonderland"

Today, I Googled spinning yarn.  It said and I quote:
"Learning to spin on a spinning wheel is tricky! How can your body do so many different things at the same time?"  I asked Linda to teach me the other day, thinking, this doesn't look to tough.  I should be able to master it in a couple of hours.  I even promised to give up my new Chico necklace and earrings if she would just show me how. is much harder than it looks.  But I am not giving up, just practicing. 
One hand pinches, one hand pulls, and your feet pump the treadle. What a lot to think about at once. However, if you learn each step in the spinning process before you put them together, spinning will be easier. And with a little practice, it becomes second nature
, that is what they say anyway. 
Now, Linda on the other hand has been spinning like crazy.  Don't miss the "Wonderland Collection" on our website,  The yarns are full of texture and color.  It has inspired me to knit and spin.  I know you'll love them too. 
BTW, my socks are coming along great.  I hope to finish them this weekend.  Next, I will tell you they were easy.  Well, I gotta say, they were a whole lot simpler than I had imagined.  Join us in July and learn to knit socks too!  Later Gator, Knit on!

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