Thursday, June 9, 2011

Spinning, Dyeing and Knitting

The benefit of knitting with handspun yarn has been variously described as the difference between eating tomatoes out of the garden and those available at the supermarket; the difference between reading every word of a classic and skimming Cliff Notes; the difference between a live orchestra and a recording . . . you know what I mean.  Much to my delight, we don't have to just "read the Cliff Notes, we have our very own source of handspun yarn.  Linda has been spinning and creating the most amazing yarns.  You can see the all online at and in the store. 

To spin or not to spin?  I have been asking myself that questions almost daily.  I see the beautiful chunky, funky yarns that Linda is spinning and I say to myself, I want to do this.  How hard can it be?  Well let me tell you, it may look like riding a bike, but this stuff takes co-ordination.  My dad once made the observation that I couldn't walk and chew gum at the same time (he was just teasing of course) and after trying it for a few minutes I was inclined to believe that my dad was correct. 

We dyed sock yarn today and it is bright, colorful and fun.  I finished my socks and they are being blocked now.  I am tempted to start on a new pair using some of the skeins we just dyed.  Wonder if they are dry yet?  Who wants socks for Christmas?  not that I am volunteering to knit them, but I am sure we can teach you to knit some of your own.  Some of the yarn in today's batch is great for guys with names like Camo and Gun Barrel.  So if you can't spin at least you can knit with some fantastic hand dyed sock yarn.  

We had a entertaining night at the Knit Along.  Thanks to everyone to dropped in.  We would love to have more next week. 

Knit in Public Day is Saturday.  Diane and Susan will be knitting "In Public" at the Jacksonville Public Library from 9-1.  Stop by and knit "In Public" with us. 

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