Friday, June 17, 2011

Dyeing Days

There are few things I enjoy more than dyeing yarn. There is a real satisfaction that comes with creating something so beautiful. Linda and I dyed today. I mix the dyes (Linda tells me I am the chemist, but I believe this is just to make me feel needed and important) and "The Artist Linda" pours on the dyes. I believe she could never dye yarn without me.....well I like to believe that anyway. When the dyes soak into the yarn, the colors blend into new colors, like a rainbow, and we are delighted. But as we go through the process of setting the dye and rinsing the yarn, we have become quite a team. Like Lucy and Ethel, we rinse, wring, laugh, sing, stomp, layout the damp yarn and wait for it to dry. As the yarn dries the colors become brighter and richer. The next morning our first stop is to the dyeing room to see how our new yarns have dried. As we twist the color ways together names begin to form, Sunset, Dandelion, Hazel, Mango Smoothie, Stained Glass, Mermaid Tail, Sunflower Field. At that moment we believe we are truly artist, creative and free. So stop by during the next few weeks and drink in some color. You can even take home a little art for your collection.

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