Thursday, May 26, 2011

Socks are coming along nicely

I have my sock ready to take some off and put on a holder....what to do next?  Hum....I think I'll ask Linda.  I am knitting "My First Socks" out of YPF Big Honk'in Sock Yarn.  Very Cool!  I'll update you after the weekend.  :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Long, Hot Summer Knitting

Many knitters take a break from knitting during the summer, but I think summer's custom-made for engaging the sticks and string.
The temperatures are expected to rise into the mid 90's by Monday and I plan to be at the Lake!  But you better believe I will have my knitting with me.  Summer knitting can be great fun.  Small projects can be finished quickly, which to me means instant gratification.  I like to finish fast.  I am planning to start my first socks this week and have them going gangbusters when I buckle myself in the car and head to Tims Ford Lake in Tennessee.  Car trips are made for knitting, as long as you aren't driving.   
Come spend some time at Yarns by HPF, browsing the new summer yarns and patterns.  Buy something that inspires you to knit.  I have some HPF hand dyed sock yarn that I found hiding in the display by our register.  I can't wait to start. 
I just finished an angular sweater out of 3 different yarns.  I absolutely love knitting with cotton in the warm months, and I love wearing it even more! Its natural properties keep me cool even on a hot summer day.
I thought you might be ready for some summer knitting, too, so come see Linda and me and we will help you with a new project for the long, hot summer days.