Wednesday, March 16, 2011


For everything there is a season, or so the saying goes. This couldn't be more true for knitting---where one season a certain color yarn is all the rage and another season everyone is beading the same style neckline.  This season knitted sleeveless sweaters, vest and shells are everywhere.  The cable vest Linda is teaching on April 7, 1, 21, and 28th is right off the runway.  Trends give us new ways to think and design and inspire us to try something outside our comfort zones. 

COLOR is the story for Spring!  Bright strong, exciting COLOR.  Linda, Jessica and I took a little trip to Atlanta for Spring Break and we have returned with all kinds of crazy inspiration.  We shopped “til” we dropped, and all the while thinking of you, our friends J.  What ideas can we bring back to “Yarns” to brighten our buddies lives?  Imbellishments, crocheted and knitted.  Loose, lacy shrugs were everywhere.  We saw layers of color, texture and variety.   Now we are knitting samples and planning classes. 

Back to the subject of color.  Did you know the human eye can discern more than 3 million colors; isn't that amazing?  When we dye, one of our tools is the color wheel. 
A 12 step color wheel will provide the basic information needed
to grasp most color design challenges.

 The basic principles of color theory and design are simple. The color wheel becomes a visual aid in helping us understand the principles of color.  We all use the principals of color everyday when choosing what to wear or in our case what to knit. 
It is also an excellent tool to help create harmonious color schemes for painting, interior decorating, and dyeing yarn. It creates an orderly progression of color that helps us understand color balance and harmony.  Some of us have a gift for coordinating color, but it is a skill which we all can learn.  In June, Diane will teach a class on color and how to use organize and use your stash.  This is a class you won’t want to miss. 
So stop by and let us share what we learned on our mini vacation to 'Hot-lanta!'