Monday, November 7, 2011

49 Days

49 days until Christmas.  Growing up my mother encouraged us to make gifts for one another.  She always felt if someone cared enough to give up their time it was truly a gift of sacrifice and love.  Mama wasn't a knitter, but she was an amazing cook.  Each year a few days before Christmas, we would bake her famous cinnamon rolls.  Some with pecans, some with raisins and others with both depending on who was receiving the rolls.  I can still smell of yeast dough rising in the laundry room (on top of the dryer of course).  But that was nothing compared to the smell of cinnamon as the bread baked.  Now I am not talking about a couple of pans of rolls, I saying 3 dozen pans!  (She collected the aluminum pie pans all year and stored them in cabinet below the bread bag drawer).  You see my parents were children of the depression, and they saved everything.  In this world where it is cheaper to buy a new one than fix it, I appreciate the lessons they taught me about using what you have and learning to fix things yourself.  My dad could fix anything.  He grew up as the son of a farmer and had a career as a rocket scientist for NASA.  I am truly blessed to have parents who taught me to love others by sharing your gifts, to value what God has given you and take care of it. 
Now back to the rolls.  When they were done, we would cover them with icing, package them up, and my brother David and I would go out for delivery.  Of course we were greeted with squills of delight as we knocked on doors and handed over the much anticipated rolls.  Even now Mama's Cinnamon Rolls are a topic when we see old friends.  I believe I'll bake up a batch or two for my friends this Christmas, in between knitting up the scarves and hats I have in my project line-up.  Since I only have 49 days, I better get busy. 

What are you knitting for Christmas?  Have you got your list made up of all the memorable gifts you are planning?  I am working on slippers for Gary.  I've discovered thrumming and I am thrumming the bottoms of a cozy pair of felted slippers.  They will be at the shop Wednesday.  Stop by to see them.  Linda has worked up a beautiful scarf that is fast using a size 35 needle.  We've got some great projects and beautiful hand dyed yarns just waiting for you at the shop.  If you are running out of time, we are having a shop sample sale on Saturday, December 3 from 10-3.  Bring in what you are working on so we can gather some more ideas.  See you soon.