Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Turn Tragedy into a Positive

Overwhelming feelings of loss, disappointment, exhaustion, displacement are all things Linda and I have felt over the last few weeks.  But along with that we have seen an out pouring of concern, love and support as we sift through the rumble that was once our shop.  Offers of help, prayers and JillyBeans cupcakes have been so appreciated.  Thank you to everyone who has contacted us on Facebook, Ravelry, email, phone and in person.  We love all of you and miss you terribly.  We turned over all the information to the insurance yesterday and are waiting to see what will happen next.  What a relief!  I have to say, I am amazed a Linda's organizational skills.  We had every receipt, every invoice all compiled into 2 notebooks for a total of over 750 pages.  I remember telling Gary the night of the fire how thankful I was that Linda paid the bills, because there was no doubt she had written the insurance check.  Had it been my job, who knows???? Kudos to Linda, what a great business partner and most of all what a wonderful friend. 

Friday and Saturday Linda and I will be at the First Baptist Church Yard Sale helping sell the smoke damaged yarn from the shop.  Please come out and support this wonderful cause.   Help us turn tragedy into a positive. Buy yarn for pennies on the dollar. Smoke damaged inventory, yarn and needles from Yarns by HomePlace Farm will be at the sale, Friday March 2, from 8 til 4, and Saturday March 3, from 8 til 1. Funds raised will support the Honduras Mission Trip in June. 

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